The End Of The World Party – Alien Attack

Saturday 28th March 2015

The End Of The World Party – Alien Attack

10:00 pm until 3:00 am


Price: £6.00 Ltd advance - £15 cash on the door

Status: Tickets Available (Updated on 17th February 2015)

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Doors open at 10:00 PM – Event ends at 3:00 AM

Age: You must be 18 years of age or more to attend this event (with or without a guardian) | Photo ID – Please bring ID if you are 25 years of age or less or appear so. | | Access – Standing. There are no seats assigned. The venue is arranged on several floors with many stairs and no lift. Find out more about accessiblity.

About The End Of The World Party – Alien Attack

eotwThe End Of The World Party is about living tonight like it’s your last night ever. No holding back. No regrets. Do what you always wanted to do. Be who you always wanted to be and dance until you explode.

So do you want the good news or the bad news? The bad news is that on Saturday 28th March aliens from outer space are coming to kill us all. This is obviously quite sad but there’s nothing we can do, so there’s no point getting all upset about it.

The good news is that while the rest of the world freaks out and cries and stuff, we’re going to accept our fate, gather together all the people we love, choose the songs we want to die to, get smashed, and have the best night of our lives while we still can. So, if you want one last chance to live out your dreams, come to the party to end all parties.

It’s your last chance to dance, so you choose the music. Post the tracks you want to hear on the event wall. They can be any era, any genre. Pick your ultimate party tunes, no misery!

Also featuring:
Make Up Booths / The Last Wish Wall / Last Ever Selfie / Ego Massage + unnecessary amounts of glitter.

PLEASE NOTE: Alien Spaceships have been known to emit serious amounts of ultra violet light. Be prepared.

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