scala-stairsfoyer-bw-redFor information on advance tickets please visit our Ticketing page.

No Re-admission

There is no re-admission at Scala, so once you are in, you’re in! We have an outdoor smoking courtyard. Access the courtyard by heading down the yellow stairs via the doors to the left of the stage.

Age Restrictions

Most of Scala’s listed events limit admission to people of 18 years of age and over. This means if you are underage you will be refused admission even if you are accompanied by a parent, guardian or much older friend.

Photo ID Requirements

If you are under 25 years of age we will ask you for ID when you enter the event.

For some events, we require everyone to present Photo ID and we use ID scanning. This means that you need to present the original physical (non-digital) ID to be scanned on entry. Without appropriate ID you may be refused entry. Check the event details.

The forms of ID we accept are

  • Driving licence with photo
  • Passport
  • Photo ID card with a PASS hologram.

You can apply for a Photo ID PASS card in advance from 

For more information and PASS card options visit

Did you know it’s a criminal offence for us to sell alcohol to anyone under 18 years of age? That’s one of the reasons we take ID so seriously.

Dress Code

Yes, we do have a dress code; wear anything you like, except for Friday and Saturday nights when a dress code may apply. Please check the event listing on this website to see if there is a dress code for an event.


We are a standing venue so no seats are assigned to tickets. There is limited seating inside.


Scala is a very old building. One of the biggest challenges for those with mobility problems is the various levels throughout the building. 

Scala is in fact the latin word for stairs.

All stairs have sturdy handrails. There are three steps into reception, 37 steps to the foyer bar, 14 steps to the main arena (54 total), 24 steps from the foyer bar to the toilets (64 total) and a further 23 steps to the balcony bar (87 total).

If you need some help with access our team are on hand. Please contact our box office ideally at least three days in advance and let us know. We may ask you to arrive ten minutes before doors open so you can enter in advance.

Companion Admission

First, buy your ticket for the event. Then contact our box office ideally at least three days in advance to tell us that you wish to bring a companion to assist with mobility. We’ll put your companion on the guest list so they won’t need an advance ticket.

Seating Requests

If you require a seat due to mobility issues or if you are unable to stand for long periods of time, please contact our box office at your earliest opportunity. Scala is an 800-capacity standing venue. Due to the layout of the building, we have very limited areas that provide seating with good sight lines. We assure you that we do our utmost to accommodate all seating requests where possible.

Wheelchair Users

Unfortunately, there is no lift at Scala. We are happy to manually lift wheelchair users, although it’s worth mentioning that carrying heavy-duty electric wheelchairs may not be possible for health and safety reasons.

We ask that you arrive ten minutes before doors open and make yourself known to our security staff, ready for advanced entry. The venue manager will offer you a suitable area with a view of the stage. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us and ask. We’d like to help.

Contact us on 020 7833 2022 or send a message to our box office.

Accessibility & Toilets

The toilet cubicles, unfortunately, aren’t wheelchair accessible however our staff are available for assistance in getting into and out of a cubicle if needed. Again just let us know.

Your health and safety

Your health and safety are important to us.

Illness or Accident

If you or a friend feel unwell, or you have or witness an accident in which anyone is hurt, please inform one of our staff immediately and ask for first aid or a medic. Scala has a medic or qualified first aider present that can help. Our medics are from Quad Medical. Scala has a medic bay on the ground floor. Access is via the ground floor box office reception.

Welfare Area

At many events, we run a welfare area close to the foyer bar. If you are feeling unwell or unsafe please come straight to our welfare area.


If you need to bring medicine into the venue please alert our security and door staff when you arrive. You may be able to keep some medicines with you inside the venue and you may need to leave some with our medic or manager.

Food and Drink

We don’t allow food or drink into the venue. If necessary we exchange a ticket for the food or drink at the door, so you can collect it on your way out when leaving the venue.

Drinking responsibly

These tips will help you make the most of your night, get home safely, and remember it all the next morning.

Pace yourself

In the interests of making a night of it, pace your drinks. Alcohol is a diuretic, so taking it easy can stop endless trips to the toilet from getting in the way of your night.

Stay hydrated

Alternating between alcohol and soft drinks or water is an easy way to avoid a nasty hangover, and help you stay in control. You can request free tap water at any of the three bars at Scala.

Keep your drink close by

Only accept drinks from people you know and trust, and don’t leave your drink unattended to avoid the risk of it being spiked.

Drinkaware is an independent, UK-based charity that promotes responsible drinking. Visit Drinkaware’s website for more information on drinking alcohol responsibly.

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