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Admission & Venue
Cloakroom & Lost Property

About tickets

Do I need my credit/debit card to pick up the tickets at the box office?

What do I need to do if a friend is picking up my tickets, not me?

When can pick up tickets I bought in advance?

Why do I have to pay a booking fee online?

I want to pay cash at your box-office. Can you reserve tickets for me?

Do I get a seat allocated with my ticket?

Did my online Ticketweb booking go through?

I no longer want my tickets. Can I return them?

Can I buy tickets on the door?

Why cant I find an event on Ticketweb?

Ticketweb says no tickets currently available.

A show is listed as sold out. How can I get tickets?

My tickets have not arrived in the post as expected.

My ticket has been lost or stolen.

I no longer have the card I used to buy the tickets. How do I pick them up?

The event has been moved to another venue. Is my ticket still valid?

The event has been rescheduled. Is my ticket still valid?

The event has been cancelled or moved to another date. Can I get a refund?

Who should I contact if I have another issue with my tickets?

About Admission & Venue

What are the stage times for live events?

What time do live events end?

Is there a dress code?

I want to bring a 15 year-old to an event? Is that okay?

Can I get re-entry if I leave the venue?

Can I pay using a credit or debit card?

How do I request a guest list?

I have mobility issues. How can you help?

Do I need ID? What type of ID is accepted?

Can I bring my camera?

How do I get a press pass?

Can I smoke?

How do I complain?

How do I give you feedback?

Can you recommend a place nearby to stay overnight?

Cloakroom & Lost Property

Is there a cloakroom?

I am bringing a large suitcase. Can I leave it in the cloakroom?

I forgot to pick up my coat or bag from the cloakroom.

I lost my phone during an event.

I lost something during an event.

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