• March 2024

    • Friday 1st March 2024

      Face Down Presents

      Face Down – Pop Punk, Metal, Emo Night London

      10:00 pm until 4:00 am | £10.99 (Last Entry 2am)

      The UK and London's Biggest Rock, Pop Punk, Emo, Metal and Alt Party returns for our March event! ROYALS play the main room, with ALYX HOLCOMBE… Read more

    • Saturday 2nd March 2024

      RSS PDTS Presents


      Chapter Four: The Prelude (feat. Juanjo García)

      10:00 pm until 6:00 am | From £10+sf ADV (last entry 1am) / £20 OTD

      Welcome to a new chapter! This is where things start to get serious. What you've seen so far is merely an introduction to something far greater… Read more

    • Tuesday 5th March 2024

      AEG Presents

      Lola Young

      Plus Bug Eyed & Violet

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £20.97

      "Refreshingly modest about her talent, Brit School alumnus Lola Young prefers to call new release 'My Mind Wanders and Sometimes Leaves Completely' a project rather than… Read more

    • Wednesday 6th March 2024

      SJM Concerts Presents

      Chance Peña

      7:00 pm until 10:30 pm | From £15

      Experience the transformative journey of self-discovery with Chance Peña on his "I Am Not Who I Was" tour. This introspective musical odyssey reflects on the inevitable… Read more

    • Thursday 7th March 2024

      FORM Presents


      Plus Special Guests

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £24.13

      Born in South Florida in 1980 to Ecuadorian immigrant parents, the world-building multi-instrumentalist Roberto Carlos Lange stitches together memories, impressions, and atmospheres to make detailed dreamscapes… Read more

    • Friday 8th March 2024

      SJM Concerts Presents

      The Blinders

      Plus Sounds Mint and Alien Chicks

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £17

      The Doncaster via Manchester 4-piece have been championed by the likes of 6Music and Radio 1 and the last couple of years have seen them make… Read more

    • Saturday 9th March 2024

      Glasswerk Presents

      Bible Code Sundays Live -Plus England vs Ireland

      3:30 pm until 10:00 pm | £20+sf

      Bible Code Sundays play their annual 6 Nations gig, this time at the almighty Scala in Kings Cross. The full match will be on two big… Read more

    • Tuesday 12th March 2024

      Metropolis Music & This Feeling Presents

      Red Rum Club

      Plus Bankes Brothers and Delights

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £20.76

      Liverpool-based Red Rum Club are a six-person alternative rock group that boasts a breadth of sounds - ranging from heavy, brassy tracks like their new release… Read more

    • Wednesday 13th March 2024

      Cube A Presents


      6:00 pm until 10:00 pm | £56.65

      Kasta is a Russian rap group from Rostov-on-Don, well-known to Russian-speaking audiences in post-Soviet countries. The group's members are Vlady, Shym, Hamil and Zmey. Kasta has… Read more

    • Friday 15th March 2024

      Events House Presents


      11:00 pm until 5:00 am | From £22.66

      The world of dance music is constantly evolving with new names, characters, styles, and trends emerging every year. Amidst this ever-changing landscape, it is crucial for… Read more

    • Saturday 16th March 2024

      Milkshake Presents

      Back To The 90's and 00's

      10:00 pm until 5:00 am | From £4.12

      Milkshake Presents: Back To The 90's & 00's! London’s ORIGINAL Nostalgic Party  SATURDAY MARCH 16TH 2023  Live from the legendary SCALA LONDON Tickets are out NOW… Read more

    • Monday 18th March 2024

      AEG Presents


      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £17.96

      Ekkstacy is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia. He released his debut EP NEGATIVE in November 2021, which included the single "i walk this earth… Read more

    • Tuesday 19th March 2024

      SJM Concerts Present

      Master Peace

      Plus Adult DVD & Andy Goodwin

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £15.15

      Ambitious in both scope and sound, Master Peace’s new material reflects this goal of making music that stands the test of time on its own merit,… Read more

    • Wednesday 20th March 2024

      Action! presents

      Dead Poet Society

      + Ready The Prince

      7:00 pm until 10:30 pm | £18.52

      The Fission Tour Dead Poet Society is an LA-based alternative rock band that has been channelling a 90s-inspired hardcore sound since 2013. Audiences can expect everything… Read more

    • Thursday 21st March 2024

      FORM Presents

      Folly Group

      + Special Guests

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £17.96

      On stage, Folly Group is the sum of drums, percussion, bass, guitar, vocals and a sampler. Elsewhere, Folly Group is an amorphous creative entity, encompassing a… Read more

    • Saturday 23rd March 2024

      Club de Fromage Presents

      Club de Fromage – Daytime Party

      3:00 pm until 7:00 pm | From £10+sf

      Calling all you over 30s! Join Slow Alfie and the crew of the legendary Club de Fromage for a DAYTIME riot of pop, rock, indie, power ballads, disco and… Read more

    • Tuesday 26th March 2024

      Upset The Rhythm presents

      Mary Lattimore

      Plus Luce Mawdsley

      7:30 pm until 11:30 pm | £16.83

      MARY LATTIMORE is a harpist and composer living in Los Angeles. She experiments with her Lyon and Healy Concert Grand harp and effects. Her solo debut,… Read more

    • Friday 29th March 2024

      BSK Entertainment presents

      Apurva Tamang and the Band + Prashant Ezekiel Rai

      9:00 pm until 5:00 am | £45.32

      Apurva Tamang is a singer-songwriter from Mirik, Darjeeling, IN. He has garnered a great amount of audience in just 2 years being one of the highly… Read more

    • Saturday 30th March 2024

      Lowercase Events Presents

      Drake Night

      Hey London, The Boy Is Home

      10:00 pm until 4:00 am | From £6.18

      DRAKE NIGHT @ SCALA! 10PM - 4AM ________________________________________ London's biggest Drizzy tribute night is back! We will be playing the best of Drizzy and the UK… Read more

    • Sunday 31st March 2024

      SAHIL JINDAL Presents

      BOLLYWOOD vs RnB

      11:00 pm until 4:00 am | From £7/£9 +sf

      We are back with our biggest night of the year at venue SCALA With a capacity of 1000+ this promises to be the craziest night ever!… Read more

    • April 2024

    • Thursday 4th April 2024

      Live Nation Presents

      Blind Channel

      Plus Special Guests: GHØSTKID + Rock Band From Hell

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £20.20

      Finnish chart-topping nu-metal stars BLIND CHANNEL have announced their new album, ‘Exit Emotions’, which will be released next year via Century Media. The band’s fifth full-length… Read more

    • Friday 5th April 2024

      Face Down Presents

      Face Down – Pop Punk, Metal, Emo Night London

      10:00 pm until 4:00 am | £10.99 (Last Entry 2am)

      The UK and London's Biggest Rock, Pop Punk, Emo, Metal and Alt Party returns with SLAM DUNK FESTIVAL to bring you our April event!   WIN… Read more

    • Sunday 7th April 2024

      GOTOBEAT presents by arrangement with Musayeta Entertainment

      Maraveyas live in London

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | From £39.50

      One of the most beloved Greek artists of the last 20 years, visits London, ending his winter “Portofino Tour” in a city he always loves visiting.… Read more

    • Thursday 11th April 2024

      Live Nation Presents


      Plus Special Guests

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £20.40

      Cassyette is a force of nature, there's no other way to describe her. She's a no-holds-barred musician from Essex who is loudly and unashamedly reclaiming her… Read more

    • Saturday 13th April 2024

      Garage Nation presents

      Garage Nation London Brunch

      12:00 pm until 6:00 pm | From £6.12

      Garage Nation's Brunch is back at Scala! 60 Minutes of Bottomless Cocktails + 1 portion or chicken wings and or pizza per person Vegan requirements / allergies… Read more

    • Saturday 13th April 2024

      DJ Khriz Presents

      Reggaeton Latino

      10:00 pm until 6:00 am | From £11.33


    • Sunday 14th April 2024

      Hau Saang Ltd Presents


      Touchdown World Tour 2024 United Kingdom

      7:30 pm until 10:00 pm | From £77.05

      After going through difficulties and thorns and crossing the subsea tunnel, KOLOR landed again with a better posture, and at the same time continued to explore… Read more

    • Thursday 18th April 2024

      SJM Concerts Presents

      Seb Lowe

      Plus Villanelle & Andy Goodwin

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £14.59

      ardest man in indie Rising British artist Seb Lowe has today announced new 2024 UK tour dates, with tickets on sale from 9am on Friday 17th… Read more

    • Wednesday 24th April 2024

      Live Nation Presents

      Microwave & The Dirty Nil

      Plus Sick Joy

      7:00 pm until 10:30 pm | £22.44

      Vocalist/guitarist Nathan Hardy, bassist Tyler Hill, and drummer Timothy Pittard formed Microwave in Atlanta, Georgia in 2012 as an extension of friendships, school, and the local… Read more

    • Thursday 25th April 2024

      AEG Presents


      Plus Special Guests

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £21.88

      Hailing from the ‘cultural soup’ of Doncaster, ADMT embodies many moods and flavours across his mainly R&B-tinged Pop repertoire. He has recently risen to prominence with… Read more

    • Friday 26th April 2024

      Milkshake Presents

      Back To The 90's and 00's

      10:00 pm until 5:00 am | From £4.12

      Milkshake Presents: Back To The 90's & 00's! London’s ORIGINAL Nostalgic Party  FRIDAY APRIL 26TH 2023  Live from the legendary SCALA LONDON Tickets are out NOW FROM £3!  DO YOU… Read more

    • May 2024

    • Thursday 2nd May 2024

      Eat Your Own Ears Presents

      Jane Weaver

      Plus Support

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £25.25

      Reclaiming her universe, Jane Weaver returns with brand new single ‘Love In Constant Spectacle’, evoking spectacular images perhaps impossible to capture with the human eye, nor… Read more

    • Monday 6th May 2024

      Piranhas Events Presents

      Joey Phuwasit x Lumplearn Wongsakorn

      Live in London

      7:00 pm until 2:00 am | £70.00

        Joey Phuwasit and Lumplearn Wongsakorn, perform for the first time live in london. Joey Phuwasit is an independent singer-songwriter and producer from Thailand who combines elements… Read more

    • Wednesday 8th May 2024

      Dollop Presents

      Gotts Street Park

      7:00 pm until 10:30 pm | £20.76

      The Leeds-based trio, comprised of producer/writers Josh Crocker (bass, production), Tom Henry (keys) and Joe Harris (guitar), met through Leeds flourishing live music circuit, playing in… Read more

    • Thursday 9th May 2024

      AEG Presents

      Erick The Architect

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £24.36

      Erick the Architect is a passionate and ambitious artist, rapper, producer, songwriter, and musician that hails from the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, New York. Erick is… Read more

    • Friday 10th May 2024

      Columbo Music Presents

      Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai)

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £22.66

      Matt Johnson has undoubtedly left his mark on the music industry over the past two decades. As a key member of the British jazz funk group,… Read more

    • Saturday 11th May 2024

      Def:inition, DNB Collective & Drumatics presents


      10:30 pm until 5:30 am | From £11.22

      Award winning DJ & Producer embarks on his first official UK tour in 2024, Amplify & friends comes to London on Saturday 11th May!   Def:inition,… Read more

    • Sunday 19th May 2024

      HYST agency presents

      Druga Rika

      7:00 pm until 10:30 pm | From £45.32

      "Druga Rika" announces a tour in the UK and Ireland in support of Ukraine with an exclusive presentation of songs from the upcoming album "Druga Rika"… Read more

    • Friday 31st May 2024

      The Q Workz Presents

      Sonny Tennet

      Plus Special Guests

      7:00 pm until 10:30 pm | £18+sf

      Stirring timeless influences with pop sensibilities, 24-year-old South Shields born Sonny Tennet is an artist with undeniable charisma whose vocal and writing ability is quickly making… Read more

    • June 2024

    • Tuesday 4th June 2024

      Metropolis Music presents


      Plus Special Guests

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £22.66

      On their third studio full-length, Mildlife link microcosmic personal meaning with a macro view from on high. Chorus is the sound of singular entities coalescing into… Read more

    • Tuesday 11th June 2024

      Communion Presents

      San Cisco

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £20.20

      If the exuberance and innocence of youth is passing them by as teen dreams fade away, San Cisco still retain the irresistible pop sensibilities that will… Read more

    • Thursday 13th June 2024

      Bad Vibrations Presents

      Lambrini Girls

      Plus Special Guests

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £15.30

      Based in Brighton, Lambrini Girls are Phoebe Lunny (vocals/guitar - she/they) and Lilly Macieira (bass - she/they) who have a strong artistic bond over their creative… Read more

    • Thursday 20th June 2024

      Bird On The Wire Presents

      Mannequin Pussy

      7:30 pm until 10:30 pm | £20.40

      Mannequin Pussy’s music feels like a resilient and galvanizing shout that demands to be heard. Across four albums, the Philadelphia rock band that consists of Colins… Read more

    • July 2024

    • Tuesday 16th July 2024

      DHP Presents

      Tones and I

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £28.33

      Tones And I’s global smash “Dance Monkey” was declared the most Shazamed single of all time, and officially became the 3rd most streamed song of all… Read more

    • August 2024

    • Tuesday 20th August 2024

      Bird On The Wire Presents


      7:30 pm until 10:30 pm | £17.96

      A Wednesday song is a quilt. A short story collection, a half-memory, a patchwork of portraits of the American south, disparate moments that somehow make sense… Read more

    • September 2024

    • Tuesday 10th September 2024

      Bird On The Wire Presents


      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £22.66

      Roar, the solo project of Magic the Gathering enthusiast, amateur (but impressive) chef, and mastermind Owen Evans, channels that feeling of nostalgia we all experience but… Read more

    • October 2024

    • Thursday 3rd October 2024

      SJM Concerts Presents


      Plus Support

      7:00 pm until 10:00 pm | £31.16

      POND, one of the most versatile, inquisitive, and accomplished bands in the psychedelic rock vanguard, have announced touring dates spanning several continents in 2024, plus teased… Read more

    • Thursday 17th October 2024

      Night Terrors Presents

      Lebanon Hanover

      7:30 pm until 11:00 pm | £28.33

      Lebanon Hanover are an ice cold reply to the alienated world coming from two warm beating hearts. Larissa Iceglass and William Maybelline appear as true romantics… Read more

    • November 2024

    • Saturday 9th November 2024

      Laurie Wright

      Plus The Molotovs and Super Swamp Jellyfish

      6:00 pm until 9:45 pm | From £15+sf

      Laurie Wright is a singer songwriter hellbent on bringing the rock n roll revival to the masses. With brilliantly crafted, high energy guitar hits, Laurie Wright… Read more

    • Tuesday 26th November 2024

      Live Nation Presents

      Lime Garden

      7:00 pm until 11:00 pm | £17

      Lime Garden are a British indie rock band from Brighton. Self described as "wonk pop", the band blend a number of genres including disco, pop and… Read more