This page provides general information about tickets for our events. To buy tickets for an upcoming event, find the event page using our calendar search.

We are a standing venue so no seats are assigned to tickets. There is limited seating inside.

Buy tickets using the DICE app.

What is DICE?

DICE is 100% mobile and the best way to discover new music and buy tickets for your next amazing live experience. The world’s greatest venues and artists all work closely with DICE to make sure their tickets go to their fans, not touts.

Plus, the price you see is the price you pay, total.

How does it work?

Extremely easily.

  1. Download DICE from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Enter your details.
  3. Buy tickets in three simple taps.
  4. Present your tickets on your smart phone DICE app for admission to the event.

Why is DICE so great?

If a gig’s sold out and you can’t make it anymore, you can return your ticket and get a refund. Ingenious, right? This also means that another fan can grab that ticket from our Waiting List and have a great night out instead. Everyone’s happy. Apart from the touts.

If you’re a bit skint and waiting for payday to roll around, then no worries – we’ve got your back too. You can save shows to our Saved Events wishlist which you can gaze at lovingly before you take the plunge and purchase.

Can I use DICE without a smart phone?

Yes. DICE tickets are also available via the  DICE website. Just find the event you want to purchase tickets for and click through for the option to purchase tickets online. Then on the night of the show, head to the venue with some photo ID and collect your tickets at the box office.

Got a problem with your tickets?

Email DICE any time at help@DICE.FM or message them from inside the DICE app.

For more information visit the DICE website at DICE.FM or read our answers to your questions about tickets

No cash sales

We no longer offer cash ticket purchases at our box office.

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