IN DEPTH: Bill Ryder-Jones


“It takes roughly 40 seconds of meeting Bill Ryder-Jones for him to make a dick joke. It then takes another 20 for him to berate himself because of the former. Such is the contradictory internal world of the ex-Coral man turned critically-acclaimed soloist. In conversation, Bill is funny, sad, frustrating and intriguing, often all within the space of the same sentence. He’s someone you want to know, and such is the heart-on-sleeve, often heart-in-pieces appeal of his records too (not least his much-lauded most recent effort, 2015’s ‘West Kirby County Primary’): more than most musicians currently releasing, Ryder-Jones reflects the tangled web of the human condition in frank and honest form.”

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Thursday 3rd March 2016
Rockfeedback Concerts presents
Bill Ryder-Jones
plus Beach Baby, and Trudy
7:30 pm until 11:00 pm
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