The Guardian Reviews King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard at Scala

King Gizard & The Lizard Wizard

In between rapid-fire riffs, Stu Mackenzie has a chew of his guitar strings. His long, spindly legs, clad in brown cutoffs and ending with scuffed boots, are splayed in a wild lunge that seems to poke fun at guitarist histrionics, even as he risks collapse.

Although the wild-haired Mackenzie is pretty much the King Gizzard in the lineup of rising Australian psychedelic garage band the Lizard Wizard, he isn’t in the middle of a self-indulgent solo. Three guitarists often play the same rampant, sour motif in unison, the kind of saturation you can only achieve in a seven-piece band. In front of them, the moshpit is acting like it’s at Oxford Circus at rush hour during a tube strike, and a half-empty bus has just pulled up. One propulsive wig-out, I’m in Your Mind, segues into another, I’m Not in Your Mind, in a 13-minute set-opening dazzler that sounds like the mind-bending finales of most other bands.

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