Thursday 23rd May 2019

Pil & Galia Kollectiv Presents


7:00 pm until 11:00 pm


Price: £8.80

Status: On sale now (Updated on 4th March 2019)

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Doors open at 7:00 PM – Event ends at 11:00 PM

Age: You must be 16 years of age or more to attend this event (no exceptions) | Photo ID – Please bring ID if you are 25 years of age or less or appear so. | | Access – Standing. There are no seats assigned. The venue is arranged on several floors with many stairs and no lift. Find out more about accessiblity.

About Euronoize

EuroNoize is a live music event modelled on the Eurovision song contest, but featuring a bizarre cast of DiY, alternative and underground subpop bands. Taking place on May 23rd 2019 at the Scala, it features musicians from across Europe who will perform one new song in front of a live audience. The event will also be streamed live online so you can cast your vote from afar for your favourite performance of the evening in case you can’t make it. EuroNoize is a celebration of the obscure, the niche and the uncategorizable, music that runs deeper than national borders. It represents the secret international fellowship of punx and weirdos stretching from Russia to Ireland.


Asian Women on the Telephone (Russia)

Since 2007, Asian Women on the Telephone have been exploring this and those worlds, both sides of good and parts of evil, together with friends and random guests of both worlds who disappeared into the volcanoes of Russia.

Sissy (Ireland)

Sissy are a three piece garage punk band from Dublin. They formed as a response to a growing disillusionment with male dominated punk and stagnant politics in Ireland. They are comprised of artists and musicians, Leigh Arthur, Eoin Fullam and Michelle Doyle.

Hassan K (France)

DIY artist, Keyvane (his real name) mixes folklore and technologies,
occident and orient, surf music and bellydance, swing and heavy metal
in crazy live acts, not too far from trance. With a guitar, a keyboard and a
few sensors, he travels from the west kingdom to the Turan, spreading the
words of his illuminated ancestors.

Golden Core (Norway)

Golden Core is a Norwegian-Icelandic metal duo based in Oslo, Norway. They play a mix between different genres, all though stoner metal and doom are their main influences. Golden Core has been compared to bands like Neuroses, Kyuss, Mastodon and Mayhem.

The Callas (Greece)

The Callas is the tip of an artistic squad producing music, artworks, films, magazines, art shows, initiated by the brothers Lakis & Aris Ionas. Over the last 10 years, they have been publishing significant magazines for the Athenian (Greece) underground music/art/film scene such as Velvet magazine and Lust magazine.

Winny Puh (Estonia)

Tab Ularasa (Italy)

In 2015, tab_ularasa released Ragni Giganti, his first and “official” LP of but it would be ridiculous to call it a debut. tab_ularasa, aka Luca T., originally from Tuscany, produces sound pollution with this alias, recording cassettes and CD-R at a pace as if he must record everything that comes into his mind so as not to forget it.

Felix Kubin (Germany)

E.P.P.! (Serbia)

E-P-P consider themselves a Travel Agency. They have been credited for making numerous travel arrangements throughout the years, and their main goal is simple – to create the perfect environment for tourists. E-P-P works as a duo consisting of Katie Woznicki and Vladimir Nikolic. They make short electronic jingles in the format of commercial adds with no products to sell, all with an analogue synth, a simple sampler and a rhythm machine.

Maraudeur (Switzerland)

Johnny the Horse (Czech Republic)

Johnny the Horse’s shape-shifting lo-fi sleaze, occasionally a one-man band and at times a four-member ensemble, is a test of good taste, pairing scuzzy proto-punk guitar with objectionable and irresponsible lyrics. Known as the bon vivant of the Prague art-club scene, Johnny (a.k.a. Jan Vytiska) has until recently been primarily known as a fine artist with peculiar sense of humour (drawing on distinctive themes from Wallachian folklore and combining them with metal and horror aesthetics).


Ruby Waters (a.k.a. Andrew Milk/Shopping)

Kay Hyatt (Homosexual Death Drive)

Curators: Pil and Galia Kollectiv

Pil and Galia Kollectiv are artists, writers and curators working in collaboration. They make work about the relationship between art and politics. Their art band WE is an extension of their interest in the construction of individuality and collectivity. They have exhibited their work internationally and are currently curating an alternative European Song Contest, EuroNoize in London. They are also the directors of artist run project space xero, kline & coma.

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