Advice for Artists, Bands and DJs

We do NOT book any performers.

Scala operates as a venue for hire only.  All artists, bands and DJs are booked by independent promoters or production companies that hire our venue, and not us.

So contacting Scala asking to perform here, is like contacting a restaurant to get yourself invited to dinner. It doesn’t work that way. You need to contact the person booking us.

If you visit our events pages you will find the names of the promoters presenting each event just before the title of the event. These are the people you need to contact, not us.  (We don’t give out their contact details.)

We hope this advice is helpful and saves you some time.

The form below sends this advice straight back to you and not to Scala, because some people (not you of course) still prefer to fill out forms rather than read our advice 😉

If you are a promoter please visit our venue hire page.

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